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Maciej Sawicki

Cloud Architect, GCP and Kubernetes Trainer, Infrastructure Gardener

Professional Status
Open to opportunities
About Me
Helping teams make the most of the cloud to deliver better software in the most effective way possible.

Strong technical background (Linux, networking, Cloud, software development, information security) with a skill to see a big picture (how IT projects help organizations archiving their goals).

Passionate about DevOps methodology and Digital transformation process.

Lead DevOps engineer

Yggdrasil gaming
Since February 2021
  • Managing DevOps/SRE team
  • Debugging production issues (Java-based stack)
  • Assuring system availability (thousands of request per second, 9 points of presence, hybrid cloud - GCP, AWS, Azure, on premises)
  • Improving monitoring system (Prometheus, Grafana/Zabbix)
  • Improving Ci System implementation (GitLab CI, Jenkins)
  • Improving deployment scripts (Terraform, Ansible)
  • Security hardening
  • Release management

Lead DevOps Architect

July 2020 to December 2021
  • Bootstrapped development infrastructure for Open Source Technology Center (Open Telecom Cloud)
  • Helping define and improve Software Development Life Cycle
  • Maintaining Continuous Integration environment (GitLab, GitLab CI)
  • Implementing automated security vulnerabilities and Intellectual Property compliance scans
  • Building on premises lab for physical hardware testing

DevOps Tech Lead
July 2019 to June 2020
  • Work on a multi-cloud project helping data scientists and ML experts work more effective.


GDG Warsaw
Since May 2011
  • Organizing awesome events/conferences for everyone who develops (wants to develop) software using Google's technologies (Android, AppEngine, Chrome, etc).

Technical Leader

February 2015 to July 2019
  • Managing and mentoring data center operations team
  • Building, improving and documenting projects infrastructure (networks and systems)
  • Managing vendors and integrations
  • Developing, documenting, and implementing standard operating procedures
  • Defining IT policies, technical standards and methods
  • Ensuring Service Level Agreement accuracy compliance
  • Helping colleagues with complex and simple technical issues
  • Promoting knowledge sharing and DevOps culture

Deployment Engineer

May 2014 to February 2015
  • Planning and executing hardware and software deployments (including Cisco and Juniper network equipment, VMware clusters, Open Stack cluster and software developed for clients - SDN and BigData platforms)
  • Automating common tasks (using Ansible Configuration management software)
  • Planning and executing software updates
  • Configuring network devices according to project needs, securing infrastructure (managing Palo Alto Networks Firewalls, tracing security vulnerabilities database, responding to abuse notifications)
  • Continuous Integration server administration (Jenkins)
  • Bug tracking software administration (Jira)

DevOps Engineer

June 2010 to May 2014
  • Managing internal IT infrastructure (Proxmox cluster, Ubuntu and Mac OS X servers, network - MikroTik, UniFi APs)
  • Developing, improving and administrating internal continuous integration and continuous delivery solutions (Jenkins, Gradle)
  • Hardening back end apps and production deployments so they ware secure and high available (Python, AWS, Heroku, Nginx, PostgreSQL)
  • Building DevOps culture - organizing tech talks, working closely with dev teams on improving company's testing, releasing and deploying strategies

Test Engineer

May 2010 to January 2011
  • Designing test cases
  • Managing test suites
  • Conducting manual tests
  • Writing automated tests (cedar, frank, fonemonkey, robolectric, robotium)
  • Developing internal tools (OTA installation tool similar to Testflight)
  • Administrating continuous integration server (Jenkins)